Bad weather sends the Mercedes-AMG ONE home, doesn’t allow testing at the Nurburgring

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The Mercedes-AMG ONE is probably the car that Germans have delayed the most for multiple reasons. The weather now seems to be giving it a hard time. The ONE had to go back from the Nurbrugring race track because of the rainfall.

Mercedes-AMG has been working on the ONE for almost three years now. They have been developing the sophisticated F1-inspired powertrain and design, they have been working on technologies to keep the hypercar stuck to the ground and to make it the most powerful car they have ever built. But all these caused major headaches to the engineers.

The ever more stringent emissions regulations and the trouble caused by the engine idling at 5,000 rpm are only two of issues they are dealing with. Now rain is quite a pest. The development team took the company’s first hypercar to Nurburgring for further race track testing. But precipitations kept it away from the tarmac of the Green Hell.

Driving very close to the Mercedes-AMG ONE on public roads

The Automotive Mike YouTube channel posted a video of the ONE driving on public roads, sporting the psychedelic camouflage. The car from which a passenger is filming seems to be so close to the taillights of the prototype that it seems that it is going to rear-end it at any time.

The video shows the Mercedes-AMG ONE entering the Nurburgring grounds. Afterwards, it just sits in the garage, with its doors sprung upwards, waiting for better weather. It doesn’t actually get better in due time and the car must go back to where it came from.

275 customers have been waiting for the hypercar with a 1.6-liter engine for quite some time now. Three electric motors will assist the combustion power unit. Mercedes announced deliveries would start this fall. Prices start at €2.75 million.