Bad decision – Mercedes driver overtakes at the wrong moment

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This video should come accompanied by the urge “Don’t try this. Ever!” Desperate to overtake a truck, a Mercedes driver entered the lane full of cars coming from the opposite direction.

As anticipated, the driver of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class crashed into the car that had a dashboard camera installed. The video, already gone viral on the internet, will be used as proof in the court of law. The driver has already had his license suspended and will face further charges.

The man responsible for the crash had ignored the continuous white line and the sign that indicated it was a 2-way road. He wanted to pass the truck then and there, in an area with no visibility, but he did not go too far with it, as a car was coming from the opposite direction.

Luckily, he was just trying to speed off and the other driver hit the brake pedal when he saw the Mercedes rushing into him, so the impact was not terribly strong and the drivers walked away sporting a few bruises.

The police is further investigating the incident and calling on people to act responsibly when getting behind the steering wheel.