Back in business! Mercedes-Benz returns to Super Bowl with a car commercial

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Mercedes-Benz was the presence that everyone missed last year at the most important sports event in the US, the Super Bowl. The premium car brand is now getting back in the game and will run an ad during the big final on February 5th.

“We consider it still today to be the single most important communication channel a marketer can exploit,” said Drew Slaven, vice president of Mercedes-Benz USA marketing, confirming the ad show during an interview at the Detroit Motor Show. Slaven declined to reveal the model that will be on display in the advertising video and any other details related to it, but one thing is for sure: Mercedes-Benz’s lead agency, Merkley and Partners, will be involved in making the ad along with other unnamed partners.

Mercedes-Benz is the fifth automaker to confirm ad buys in Super Bowl 51, following Kia (for the Niro) , Honda (for the CR-V), Audi and Lexus (yet unknown models to be advertised).

The German brand ran ads in 2011, 2013 and 2015, making an every-other-year pattern.

The year Mercedes-AMG celebrates the power house’s 50th anniversary, therefore there is a big chance that an AMG model will take center stage in the ad that is supposed to be roughly over one minute. And the company has the right cars to do it. They have just presented the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S facelift, together with the GT C Coupe at the Detroit Motor Show.

Fox will probably charge over $5 million for 30 seconds of advertising, but Mercedes-Benz can surely afford it. The star company has just become the world’s best-selling luxury brand in the world, outperforming long-time rival BMW.

Check out the TV ad presented during the Super Bowl in 2015: