Baby Boomers most likely to drive Connected Cars

Connected cars
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We all know that most cars nowadays are packed with the latest technologies that connect the driver to the internet, even though it can also be distracting.

According to Nielsen, the American global information and measurement company that has issued the results of a new study that tries to find out who actually uses all the connectivity in a car and the results might surprise you. The study is based on surveys from almost 6,000 people who consider themselves to be “extremely, very or somewhat interested”, regarding subjects like connected homes, automotive technology or wearable technologies. Connectivity in a car is not just about safety, it can also be informative and fun.

At first, you might think that youngsters are the one who would rather own a connected car, but as the study shows, it is quite the opposite. Who actually uses the connected cars? According to the results, 58% are men, age 55+. 67% of them have a college degree and  they are making more than 100.000$ per year. This may be a consequence of the fact that young drivers can’t afford an expensive, connected car with the latest technologies. 39% of the people who consider buying a new car in the next two years, prefer cars with built-in connectivity features, but for different reasons. For instance, only 43% of them believe that the new technologies and systems can actually boost productivity.


Nielsen’s study suggests that car manufacturers need to make sure that their technology is usable and more importantly, it is affordable.