For the automotive world, white is the new black, apparently

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Black and white score a quick one-two in terms of best sold colors in the automotive industry in 2014. The next two colors won’t make your eyes pop out either, since it’s silver and gray we’re talking about.  

All that time spent developing the color TV would have been wasted time as far as the automotive industry goes. A new study conducted by PPG Industries found out that the most popular color among car buyers was, once again, white.

You could blame it on the global warming and normally I would tend to agree, but only if it wasn’t for the runner-up color: the heat sucking black. No, the rise in temperature can’t be the only explanation.

White popularity has risen to 28%, while black trails pretty far behind at 18%. Grey and silver, the pair in third, have fallen into disgrace to a mere 7%.

These numbers tell us that more than one in four cars sold in 2014 wore white, which is a little scary to be honest. It shows a tendency for uniformization that makes you wonder why people have been fighting for freedom of choice all these years.White |

In terms of regions, the US and Europe have pretty similar tastes. Europe leads with 25% of sold cars being white, while in America the percentage is just 23. The situation is reversed for black cars which sold to an amount of 18% in the USA and 15% in Europe. The gap is reduced to just two percent for gray cars, with 16% in the States and 14% across the ocean.

Whether the future will be brighter or not, is hard to tell, but PPG estimates that next year, people will be more likely to buy colored cars. Don’t expect to see a rainbow every time you go for a drive, though: their choice will concentrate around more natural tones like oranges, coppers or browns, along with metal tones like bronze, rose gold and pewter. It may not be much, but it’s enough to make those colored TVs worthwhile.