Autocar’s First Test Drive of the Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Estate

Mercedes-Benz C 220 Bluetec - test drive
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British magazine Autocar is among the first to test the luxurious load-lugger variant of the new Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec. Here are there opinions and the verdict.

First of all, the brits are not particularly enthusiastic about the lines of the roof and they almost compare the C-Class Estate with a… hearse. Of course, generally speaking the new design language is welcome, but, from the wrong angle, “there’s definitely something regrettably suggestive about the estate’s mismatch of roof and window line”. However, the interior of the C-Class Estate displays airiness to the rear, but also stylish look and a very premium feel (except for the so-called cheap tablet on the dashboard).

Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Estate - test drive Autocar - Mercedesblog 1

Plenty of space and a luxurious atmosphere in the C-Class Estate






The test model was a C220 Bluetec, with the 2.143 cmc four-cyilinder diesel unit that develops 170 HP. They consider it to be the best choice. The engine transfers resources via the seven-speed automatic 7G-Tronic Plus. It also features the “comfort” suspension, despite the “Sport” trim. In there own words, this makes the C220 “plumpy refined on the motorway, decently cultured on smooth A roads”. As for the engine, it makes the car very nice to drive. But the handling isn’t very high and the real-life economy could be better.

Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Estate - test drive Autocar - Mercedesblog 2

The C220 Bluetec Estate is nice to drive, but is not considered the best in it’s category


Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Estate – How does it drive?

Overall, Autocar liked the luxurious atmosphere inside the C-Class Estate and the good level o practicality, while the technical package is good, but not the best. In their opinion, the C200 Bluetec Estate “makes for a luxurious and very livable alternative to a 3-series rather than intense competition”. In the end, it’s rated four out of five stars.

Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Sport estate

Price £34,060; 0-62mph 7.6secs; Top speed 142mph; Economy64.2mpg; CO2 115g/km; Kerb weight 1615kg; Engine 2143cc, four-cylinder, diesel; Power 168bhp at 3000-4200rpm; Torque 295lb ft at 1400-2800rpm; Gearbox seven-speed automatic