Audi Q1 – could this spawn a similar future Mercedes-Benz model?

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The current G models in the Mercedes-Benz range stop at the GLA in terms of diminutiveness. But the imminent launch of the Audi Q1 could bring a smaller crossover from Stuttgart back on the table.

How comfortable would you be with the fact that the mighty  G’s letter might show up in the name of a car that could fit in it’s trunk? And never mind that! What would be the name of it, since the smallest Mercedes-Benz is the A-Class and the A is already that of the GLA? Would it become part of the smart range? That would make some sense, but then it wouldn’t really be a Mercedes-Benz, now would it?

Well, all these aside, Audi is busy venturing into uncharted segments with what would become the first premium sub-compact SUV crossover thingy. Everyone expected it should carry over the A1 supermini platform. But new photographs suggest it’s more likely using the versatile MQB architecture.

It also isn’t as small as we thought. It is over 4 meters long (around 4.3, actually). So that’s another reason to think it could be using VW’s compact modular platform. Since it was first spotted, the Q1 has changed drastically – back then it was but a mule using a Tiguan body; now, what we see is what we get. Well, we don’t really see that much because of the camo, but what’s underneath it is the real deal.

By the looks of it, this photographed prototype is front wheel driven only. But that’s not really a surprise in terms of small dimensions. Quattro all wheel drive will definitely be an option and might even come as standard on more powerful engine options.

Speaking of engines, the Q1 will be the unlucky member of the Q family to feature three-çylinder engines. But the good news is that it might also get the 2.0 BiTDI engine with 240 hp for the SQ1 version. Meanwhile, the RSQ1 should have in excess of 300 hp by borrowing the Audi TTS’ engine.

The new Audi Q1 should hit the showrooms during the second part of next year.