Mercedes-AMG and rock band Linkin Park create artificial sounds for electric cars

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Manufacturers are trying to find the most suitable artificial sounds for electric cars to make sure pedestrians hear them in traffic and Mercedes-AMG might be the coolest of them all after deciding to collaborate with rock band Linkin Park.

Car makers are preparing many electric models during this period, but as their popularity increases, various traffic problems also arise.
As electric motors do not emit any noise, pedestrians may have trouble hearing the cars when they cross, especially if they are not careful.

Manufacturers therefore intend to implement artificial sounds to warn pedestrians about the proximity of an electric car. For example, Volkswagen has already chosen the sound for the electric ID model it will officially launch later this year, while future German SUVs will have a more pronounced sound that reflects the larger dimensions.

Mercedes-Benz EQC goes dancing on ice

According to the general consensus among carmakers, the sound of an electric car can not be too intrusive or disturbing, it has to be futuristic and does not resemble anything that we have ever had before. As so, Mercedes-Benz chose the sound for the new EQC SUV between three options, after analyzing which one is best suited.

“We want the car to be quieter inside, but there are rules for the number of decibels from outside. We chose the acoustic signal for EQC one year ago and chose between three different sounds,” says Jochen Hermann, head of the development department electric vehicle of Mercedes-Benz.

Meanwhile, colleagues from Mercedes-AMG went a step further and started a collaboration with rock band Linkin Park to find the best sound for its future electric models. Can’t wait to listen to their work!