The Art in the GLA

The GLA Art Competition
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The GLA inspires artists worldwide. And we are not talking about Michelangelo, nor about Picasso, as they were born way too early to see the new Mercedes-Benz SUV. But there was a Renaissance-style painting and a cubist one in the art competition that demanded young talents to express their vision of the new model.

The successors of the American leading figure in the visual art movement, Andy Warhol, have put on canvas their personal view of the all new 2015 Mercedes GLA. An innovative artist displayed a full blue colored background in a quite original vision of the vehicle, a perspective that left everybody else speechless in the exhibition hall. Other chose to place the 3-pointed star brand among the galaxy stars. An original pop culture artist drew the Looney Tunes Roadrunner in the Grand Canyon scenaries, right next to the SUV, completely blowing away the spectators.

The one who hoasted the event was James R. Woodard, who also taught art in New York for a few years. He said that artists should never be concerned about how the others will see their work. Just put heart into it. And so they did, in the GLA Art Competition. Over 20 paintings joined the contest final and the artist could also vote their top favorite. “How many times can we vote?” was the question that made everybody burst into laughter in the exhibition hall.

See all the paintings, choose your personal favorite exhibit and find out the winner of the GLA Art Competition, by watching the following video: