Anything goes well with it – Mercedes-AMG GT S with HRE wheels

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It has been more than a years since we started seeing the Mercedes-AMG GT S shod with all types of wheels and tuned in all kinds of guises. That’ all right, as long as they don’t fit high heels instead of wheels.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S got the VIP treatment from HRE, the racing wheels maker. The wheel experts put on custom-made 20-inch wheels to amplify its ferocious looks.

The wheels used for the AMG super sporty are the HRE RS103s in Brushed Dark Clear, which come with the promise of better handling, improved acceleration and a shorter braking distance. But style was not compromised in the name of performance. The HRE wheels sport dark brown spokes and shiny red chrome outer rims that perfectly match the red brake calipers.


Even though it gave up on the eye-caching, jaw-dropping gullwings of its 6.2-liter predecessor, the mad SLS AMG, the Mercedes-AMG GT S surely knows how to get some attention. Maybe the intimidating 4.0-liter 510 HP V8 might have something to do with it being a show-stopper as well. And definitely, it must also be the looks of the car.

Photo source: HREWheels.

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