Antos ClassicSpace cab 1827: Among Blocks

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To get everything from their parts deposit, Mercedes-Benz invented a new class of vehicles, those destined for heay-duty short-radius distribution – Antos. The 270 HP tractor head version is one of the most unusual.


Of all the truck families recently launched by Mercedes-Benz, Antos is one without a direct predecessor. It’s the first series of vehicles destined for heavy-duty short-radius distribution. No matter if it carries food, containers, fuel or construction materials of between 18 to 26 tons, Antos is a perfect fit inside the regional distribution sector. For example, we took the weakest version, one that will probably barely be ordered by any transporter: a 270 HP tractor head. Of course, it is quite possible for it to be used for local delivery, where the speed is limited. It would have been interesting to see how a 40-tons technologically advanced truck-trailer combination, bearing less then 7 HP/ton, would behave. But what about the motor braking? Good thing I was not that curious!

Speaking of a tractor head that needs lighted as much as possible, the 7,7 liter small engine is just perfect. Not long ago this displacement would only outcome about 100-150 HP, but now, there are also 350 HP versions. Except for the horse power, up to the limit, the automatic Power Shift3 transmission has a very useful role. Antos, by definition, is a truck that will be manoeuvred many times during every day, so an upgraded automatic transmission is more than welcome. On an ordinary working day, with good weather and asphalt under the wheels, there is really no need to use other control buttons, except for the one choosing the direction, forward or backward.

The cab of the new Antos is offered in six types, all of them having a 2,3-meter height and having the engine tunnel of 320 or 170 mm height. We encountered the cab with the highest tunnel, so up above to the roof, we had less than 1,4 m. With a 2 meter length, there is still room for a 200×60 cm bed in the cab, small enough, but useful for unpredictable situations or at least for a nap. Hardly now will the driver feel that he is inhabiting in a narrow cab, because he will not have enough room to stretch. By seeing these figures, we could believe that we are back into the old SKs. But life is not only about Maths, as there is also the art of the designers inside the cab. They trimmed everything so you will not feel the lack of space. Those who had to deal with the Actros, will handle the Antos just as well, but obviously there aren’t so many comfort equipments here. One step less to go up to their working place might cheer the drivers up, especially if they need to go this distance a few times a day. The Antos does not have a high roof and we could not find too many interior compartments either, but the space behind the seats is enough for any luggage or warm cloths.

  • big opportunities for drills
  • supereconomical engine
  • low cab


  • the low interior height
  • limited power
  • the lack of a front air suspension

We easily noticed that the right-view mirror has a brandnew function apart from the Actros. The mirror joint allows the driver a visibility as wide as possible. And because electronics is now governing in Mercedes-Benz, the co-driver’s mirror returns to the normal position at speed over 10 km/h. It seems to be a cheap gadget, but when you need to move in a narrow space like stock-piles, any help is more than welcome, especially in our case, driving a tractor head and using a semi-trailer.

The list of the engine possibilities includes 15 items between 240 and 625 HP (!), and the list of the gear boxes starts from the 8-speed and goes up to the 16-speed.

To make it easier for the body makers who set up different superstractures, the longerons are pierced all along their net length. The air suspension of the rear axle was much more important for a tractor head. The air suspension also went a long way towards our comfort, although it’s assumed that we only drove along good city roads. It becomes more useful when it comes to often drills of changing semi-trailers and cruising without a load, eventually even without a trailer.


The verdict

Antos is a special trucks class, but the parts of it are not brandnew, but taken over from the smaller Atego or the bigger Actros. Anyway, describing it as an Atego cab and an Actros drive train is quite incomplete.


Technical data Mercedes-Benz Antos 1827 ClassicSpace M-cab

Engine6 L Diesel, OM 936
Displacement (cc)7700
Max. power/revs (HP/rpm)272 /2200
Max. torque/revs (Nm/rpm)1100/1200
GearboxG211 12-speed
Final drive ratio5,2:1
Kerb weight (t)nc
Total weight tractor head (t)18
Gross vehicle weight (t)40
Wheelbase (mm)3350
Height (mm)3248
Turning circlenc
CabClassicSpace M-cab
Cab width (m)2,3