Andre Josselin makes GLE Coupe sexy in hot California road trip

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Andre Josselin makes all-new GLE Coupe sexy in hot California road trip. Mercedes decided to give its new GLE Coupe campaign a fashion, glitzy approach, connecting with the social media crowd on Instagram.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, André Josselin is one of the hottest commodities in fashion, life and portrait photography. His work adorns the covers of famous haute couture magazines around the world as well as billboards for behemoths like Red Bull, Nike, Adobe and Mercedes.

Mercedes decided to give Josselin free hand in crafting a cool and unique series of promotional videos for the GLE Coupe. The result is an amazing road trip in California and the entire South-West of the United States, all documented step by step in glowing Instagram fashion. Enjoy his spectacular work in the video below.