And the Oscar goes to… Mercedes-Benz! Here are 5 MB movies

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Just before the grand night of the Academy Awards ceremony, Mercedes-Benz is bringing the company’s own movies to the screen. So get yourself some popcorn and make yourself comfortable. The night is still young.

5. Fantasy: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

The 6-meter long glamorous coupe bullet-starts its way to the Oscar stage. “La La Land” is not bad, but the extravagant longest coupe ever made is even better for the petrolheads. Give this car a crowd and it will make it cheer, all thanks to its impressive performance: from zero to hero (100 km/62 mph) in just 4 seconds and a top speed electronically limited at 250 km/h.

4. Classic: The Pagoda (230 SL)

From the producer of “Gone with the Wind” – well, not exactly, but just as classy, here comes the Pagoda, straight from the 1960’s, with its stylish aluminium silhouette, that makes fashion designers green with envy.

3. Action: Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+

This one is the fastest star that ever set foot on the red carpet and definitely the most powerful E-Class ever made. This daredevil is not wearing designer shoes, but performance tires to hold all of that wild 612 horsepower throbbing under that curvy bonnet.

2. Adventure: Mercedes-Benz GLA facelift

And now we bring Rambo of the automotive, the facelifted GLA, the good boy turned bad, turning grocery shopping into a hunting adventure. It is labelled and awarded as the company’s first compact SUV. On the Oscar night, will it live up to its reputation and snatch the statue from its rivals?

1. Romance: Concept EQ

You need to bring napkins, as the romance movie begins. It’s a romance with zero emissions and with a 500-kilometer autonomy, it’s a love story between past and future. It’s quiet and eco, but there’s a beast hiding beyond that environmental friendly look, hitting 100 km/h (60 mph) in 5 seconds.