And the award for Best Global Brand 2019 goes to…

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The award for Best Global Brand 2019 in the luxury car segment once again goes to Mercedes-Benz. The automotive field is led by Toyota. In the general ranking set out by the US brand consultancy Interbrand company, Mercedes takes the eighth place.

Mercedes-Benz continues to stand as the only European brand in top 10. The brand value of the premium car company increased by 5% to 50.832 billion US dollars.

Mercedes keeps showing that it is driven by innovation, responsibility and purpose. The car company continues to grow in order to develop intuitive and sustainable mobility solutions. The “purpose” of the brand is “First Move the World”, a slogan about the ambition to pursue more than what is directly achievable.

Mercedes-Benz, most successful automotive brand on Instagram

Mercedes is followed by BMW, second in the luxury cars segment, third in the automotive and 19th in the general ranking, at 41,440 billion dollars. Ford comes next in the 35th spot with 14,325 billion dollars, while Hyundai comes 36th with 14,156 miilion. Volkswagen has to settle for the 40th position, with 12,921 billion dollars.

Another German premium car maker, Audi, stopped at 12,689 million dollars, in the 42nd position in the Best Global Brands 2019 ranking by Interbrand, which is led by tech giant Apple once again.