AMG is becoming more accessible with the new AMG Sport line

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“Mind the gap”. That’s what the people in charge at AMG must have been thinking when they came up with the new AMG Sport line, a range of models that will fit between the regular Mercedes-Benz vehicles and those in the powerful AMG stable. 

This was a move foreseen by many and comes as a response to the already broad range of M Performance models offered by Mercedes-Benz’s main rival, BMW. The new models will honor the brand’s high performance claim with uprated engine output, all-wheel drive as standard and special chassis components and brake systems from the classic AMG models.

The first two AMG Sport models are set to be unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2015 (and one of them might just be the C 450 AMG). It is planned to add further models to this new product line in due course.

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Mercedes-Benz is hoping that this new AMG Sport line will make the AMG brand accessible to a whole new audience which will raise the company’s profile and boost AMG’s sales potential worldwide. “The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide,” said Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance“.

AMG will end this year with record sales figures. The Affalterbach based company will have sold over 40,000 units by the end of 2014, thanks in large part to its entry into the compact segment and the broadening of its product range, while the entirely in-house models suchs as the SLS AMG and the more recently presented AMG GT act mainly as image vectors.

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“We are proud of these successes, as they provide the basis for the next stage of our growth strategy, which we are now launching,” explains Tobias Moers. “In the next three years we aim to more than double our total sales for 2013.”

All this is excellent news for all those who fancied an AMG model but found it rather on the expensive side. Mind you, though, these new AMG Sport models won’t exactly be cheap, they will only be less expensive than the full bore classic AMGs, but we think that any news of broader AMG range can’t be anything other than good news.