AMG GT imagined as a Shooting Brake version by X-Tomi

Mercedes AMG GT.
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Alright, from the media avalanche started by the launch of the AMG GT you probably know by now everything about Mercedes’ new coupe. However, we bet you didn’t know how good it looks as a Shooting Brake.

Officially, Mercedes confirmed that the AMG GT will receive a race version, called the AMG GT3. Unofficially, X-Tomi Design wanted to try something a bit more, let’s say, family-oriented. More precise, a Shooting Brake version of the AMG GT.

Now, according to some rumours, the next AMG GT version to hit the market would be a convertible one, but Mercedes-Benz officials already denied that, which makes a real AMG GT Shooting Brake an even more far-fetched idea.

This didn’t stop Hungarian designer X-Tomi from trying to imagine what an AMG GT Shooting Brake would look like. We won’t compare his render to BMW’s M Coupes, but we will let you decide if the final design is worthy of any attention.