AMG Driving Academy – Are You Ready to Drift?

AMG Winter Sporting
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All lined up and ready to drill and drift. Three customized vehicles for each event are available for the AMG Driving Academy Winter Sporting. The practical and theoretical courses in both English and German are reserved to those who want to learn how to master the slippery roads and icy bends.

When it comes to snow and ice, many of us imagine themselves sitting by the fireplace, watching the winter go by. But some have a 6th sense for action even if it’s freezing cold out there. So here is an alternative:

These are the images advertising for the next January’s driving event. The AMG Driving Academy Winter Sporting invites everybody who has both money to spend and things to learn about mastering the car in difficult scenarios.Should you want to become a pro, then the AMG Winter Sporting PRO is the course for you. A four-day intensive training behind the wheel of a provided AMG vehicle, along dynamic surfaces, circular routes and vicious racetrack in Arjeplog, Sweden. The 5,450 euros requested include a 4-night accomodation, full board and, as mentioned before, an AMG vehicle close at hand. The event will blow up in flames on the last day at the Race of Champions, where you can fully show everything you have learned in spectacular drifts and highest precision drills.

But before you become a pro, let’s just start from the top. The Basic practise takes place in Saint Michael, in the Austrian Alps and it doesn’t require such a wealthy bank account, nor such wondrous skills. For 1590 euros, the amateurs who want to turn professional step by step will have a one night accomodation, full board and an AMG vehicle at hand. Perfectly prepared ice and snow tracks are at their disposal in the AMG Winter Sporting Basic, offering both driving pleasure and safety and the chance to push the pedal to the metal. Or should we say: the pedal to the ice?

AMG Driving Academy

Once you’ve graduated from the AMG Driving Academy, you can join the AMGs in the Snowdome!

The vehicles to drive while studying in the AMG Driving Academy are:

  • A 45 AMG
  • CLA 45 AMG
  • C 63 AMG