Americans wanted for the AMG Winter Driving Experience

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AMG Winter Driving Experience is finally coming to America. The training program dedicated to AMG enthusiasts will be hosted by the Canadian town of Gimli, Manitoba, right on the frozen surface of Lake Winnipeg.

So, no need to fly to Sweden anymore. Even if not set up directly on U.S soil, the new camp is definitely much more accessible to the American public. Mercedes won’t phase out the Swedish program either, which is said to continue in its current form as the main location of AMG Winter Driving Experience.

The Canadian track might be carved straight on the surface of a lake, but its shape will mimic famous tracks from all corners of the North American continent – from Laguna Seca to Mosport and Mont-Tremblant, the former host of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The three-day AMG Winter Sporting Advanced program and the four-day Advanced Plus version are the two options AMG enthusiasts can experience in Canada. Both will be offered throughout February and are hosted by AMG Driving Academy and its partner Driving Unlimited.

The list of available AMG models has not yet been disclosed, but we can safely assume we’re talking about the best of the best. Yes, Mercedes-AMG GT, we’re looking at you!