Ameluna – Futuristic lamp with typical Mercedes-Benz ambience lighting

Ameluna by Artemide
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„A Bright Future”. Literally. It is the slogan that defines a premium partnership: German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz and Italian light design company Artemide. The companies have presented their first joint creation at the „Light + Building” trade fair in Frankfurt: the Ameluna.

Pure sensual lines and intelligent high-tech. Those are the words characterising the pendant lamp „Ameluna”, embodying the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, but also finding inspiration in the underwater world. It generates a mystical light atmosphere, similar to bioluminescent creatures, in a perfect circle with a diameter of 800 milimeters and a height of 150 milimeters.

288 LEDs placed at the bottom edge provide optimum illumination. The top variant comes with a separate light source in various colors, producing a light familiar to the Mercedes-Benz drivers, as it features RGW spotlights.

„Ameluna” can simply be controlled via an app. Its name is a combination of the names of the two brands, „Artemide” and „Mercedes-Benz” and also „luna”, the Italian term for „moon”.


„Within the collaboration, my team and I created an exclusive designer piece that bears the potential of a modern design icon”, says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG. “The pendant lamp ‘Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence and hence perfectly embodies our design philosophy of sensual purity.”

Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice President of the company founded back in the 1960, Artemide, tells: “The purpose of our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Style is to unite the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology.  Our goal is to develop lighting systems that improve the quality of human life – with unexpected experience maximum economy, and efficiency.”


Transparent acryl and silk-matt aluminium are the materials used for the illumination source, radiating downwards with an output of 44 watts. For an intimate lighting mood, the “Ameluna” can be dimmed.