All-new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class caught in pre-production guise

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class was previously caught in camouflaged form. Now we can finally show you how its larger and more luxurious Mercedes-Maybach will look like.

It is not a question that we have a Maybach in front of the lens here. The photographer had to use the panorama mode to catch the pre-production prototype in the picture, this is how long the maximum luxury super-Benz will be. The car therefore does not differ in concept from the current Maybach, which is also regarded as the ultimate chaffeur limo with its ultra-long wheelbase.

The front and rear do not differ significantly from those of the regular new S-Class, except the typical Mercedes-Maybach grille with vertical bars. Just as the current S-Class from 2013 was a blueprint for the smaller Mercedes sedans, the new one undoubtedly serves as an example again for the future of Mercedes-Benz styling.

The rear light units are oriented horizontally, while the headlights also get a new shape inspired by the latest CLS. The new S-Class will also have an electric counterpart with its own, somewhat flatter and sportier body: the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Most likely, the Mercedes-Maybach variant will not get a zero-emissions spin-off too.

A true revolution seems to be planned for the interior, instead, as we already uncovered. That dashboard differs considerably from what Mercedes-Benz is currently mounting in its models. The classic design with voluptuous shapes, round ventilation grilles and a wide, horizontally oriented screen must give way to a much more futuristic design. The entire center console is thereby livened up by a truly gigantic touchscreen.

2020 Mercedes S-Class: Is this the interior of the all-new luxury flagship?