All-new Mercedes GLE coming next year – latest spy pictures

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An all-new Mercedes GLE will launch in 2018. Sportier and lighter, the next generation of Benz’s full-size SUV is based on the E-Class. LATEST SPY PICS.

The all-new W167 Mercedes GLE will be build on the MRA platform of the current E-Class. This move is likely to facilitate a reduction of its weight by a few kilos – it is assumed that the two-ton mark is not reached in base guise, but mostly because the standard GLE will come with rear-wheel drive.

Otherwise, the new Mercedes GLE should also show a better set of off-road qualities compared to its predecessor. In addition to more ground clearance and better rear underrun protection, the 2019 Mercedes GLE will also benefit from new and improved front and rear axle articulation, air suspension, limited slip differentials and gearboxes with reduction functions. On the transmission side, the 9G-Tronic state-of-the-art 9-speed gearbox will feature as standard across the board.

Visually, the new generation Mercedes GLE turns out not as a revolution, but an evolution. Aprons and sill be revised, modified the grill. As far as we can see, the new car is slightly less angular than the current GLE, which gains the more rounded lines of its more recent brand counterparts. Also the characteristic C-pillar should continue to strive against the direction of travel. Last but not the least, the aerodynamics is expected to take a huge leap forward and – in combination with the standard rear-wheel drive – take the consumption of the large SUV down by a healthy margin.

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With the brand new family of six-cylinder engines expected to debut alongside the E-Class this year and also feature prominently on the new GLE, the top AMG versions won’t take a secondary role in the GLE line-up. On the contrary. Mercedes plans not one, but two AMG versions right from the start. Instead of the aged 5.5-liter V8, the GLE will use the new 4-liter bi-turbo V8, said to offer as much as 571 HP (in standard guise) or even 612 HP (in top S guise). A more civil proposal will materialize in the shape of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 43, powered by the 3-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with 401 HP. A hybrid powertrain is also confirmed for the all-new 2018 Mercedes GLE.

We expect to welcome the all-new Mercedes GLE sometimes in 2018, probably with an early debut at the Detroit motor show that year.

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  • Tyrone Alexander 904-759-2521 says:


    Thanks for clearing up the release date for the GLE. I ordered a diesel last year for my wife that didn’t get filled and heard the 2018 would be out this spring. What is your opinion of the Audi Q7?

    Thanks again, you have narrowed my choices.

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      In our opinion, Q7 is a better car. Is more spacious, better quality nad is more sporty.