We reveal the secrets behind the all-new Mercedes G-Class

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2017 will see the premiere of an all-new Mercedes G-Class. Wider track, electromechanical steering, independent suspension and new engines: Daimler modernizes the G-Wagon from the ground up.

For 35 years the Mercedes G-Class was built on the same technical principle – now, some of those attributes will fundamentally change! Visually, the 2017 model, codenamed W464, remains true, however, to its rugged nature and boxy proportions.

For more space in the cockpit, the new G-Class will gain extra width: up to ten centimeters more will take the width to 1.97 meters. In addition to the wider track, the future G-Wagon gets an electromechanical steering and independent suspension. Mercedes wants to finally elevate the ride comfort to a contemporary level.

In terms of assistance systems, the new G-Class also enters the new millennium with autonomous driving functions that should allow it to drive up to a speed of 130 kilometers per hour on its own.

With lighter materials such as aluminum, the G-Class in 2017 could slim down by 200 kilos. In the engine department, the next G-Class comes with with the three-liter diesel and petrol straight-six engines set to debut on the new E-Class, top power could be up to 360 hp. Prices will probably continue to increase with a 90,000 euros minimum price.


Photo: autobild.de