All-new Mercedes CLS keeps its name, launches next year

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The all-new Mercedes CLS will hit Benz showrooms in mid-2018. Rumored to get a new name, CLE, the third-gen four-door coupe is now said to keep its original moniker, due to the historical weight it carries.

Yes, historical. After all, CLS is the very car which helped launch the entire four-door coupe frenzy back in 2004. But let’s take a quick recap of Mercedes’ naming strategy to put things better into perspective. Name-wise, the segments are divided into the A, C, E, and S classes. So the smallest crossover logically is the GLA and the medium-sized SUV is called the GLC. The new CLS would logically change its name to CLE. But, inside sources quoted by Carscoops now say the CLE moniker is not taken into consideration anymore. Of course, we will take all this with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

Getting back to the actual 2018 Mercedes CLS, the new four-door coupe will feature the E-Class’ MRA modular architecture. The new platform gives the future CLE a 6.5 centimeter longer wheelbase and undoubtedly more interior space. Also, thanks to the extensive use of aluminum, the weight of the CLE is expected to decrease by about 100 kilos compared to the current model.

In therms of design, the new CLS will keep the proven formula, with a low and stretched body and sleek front and rear light units similar to the ones on the C- and S-Class Coupe. The engines will be lifted from the new E-Class, new straight six-cylinder gasoline units and OM256 2.0-liter diesels included.

Beyond the actual name, CLE or CLS, another significant rumor concerns the CLS Shooting Brake, not bound to make an appearance in third-gen form, due to slow sales of the current model. Meanwhile Porsche is launching its own Panamera GranTurismo, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Mercedes will actually give up and leave Porsche alone in the segment.