All-new Mercedes-AMG GLE 63: Colossus in sporty outfit

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An all-new Mercedes GLE is coming next year and today we publish pictures of its sportiest iteration: the new Mercedes-AMG GLE 63.

Behind the scenes, Mercedes-Benz is working hard on a brand new GLE. In fact, this is the fourth generation GLE, although the model line has only been called so since the 2015 facelift of the previously called ML. In second half of 2018, Mercedes-Benz will launch an AMG version of its new SUV, a model that has now appeared in front the lens of our espionage photographer for the first time.

In terms of styling, Mercedes-Benz gives the all-new GLE a more rounded, aggressive design. This makes the new GLE better fit with the rest of Mercedes SUV range. This Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 betrays its true nature especially with its broader posture and its lower ground clearance. Naturally, the somewhat small-eyed exhaust outlets on this prototype are to replaced for wider ones. AMG will offer the GLE in 571 horsepower and 612 hp strong versions of the 4.0-liter V8 we know so well from the E 63, E 63 S and S 63 AMG, respectively.

The new GLE will be unveiled next January, at the Detroit motor show. Next year we expect the SUV, which thanks to a new modular platform, loses a lot of kilos, in Mercedes showrooms. At a later stage, the car will, of course, be accompanied by a sportier GLE Coupé.

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