All-new 2021 Mercedes C-Class digitally comes to life

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To match the restyled Audi A4 and the recently renewed BMW 3 Series, in 2021 Mercedes will launch a brand new C-Class. And this is the most realistic digital render.

In the premium family sedan category, BMW currently has a small technical advantage. Its latest generation 3 Series only dates from the start of last year. It is therefore more recent than the Mercedes C-Class in the current range, launched in 2014 on the market. Admittedly, the latter benefited in 2018 from a mid-career restyling. But against the BMW and the Audi A4, also newer (restyled a few months ago), the sedan of the brand with the star begins to feel dated.

This is why it will move to a brand new version by the beginning of next year, after the restyling of its big brother, the E-Class, but also the renewal of the luxury limousine S-Class, expected this year.

The Russian digital artist Kolesa is already imagining the car in a virtual way, taking great inspiration from the very recent restyled E-Class: we therefore find a grille with similar geometry as well as finer optics. The new S-Class should also mirror these modifications, even if its grille will undoubtedly remain more massive and statutory.

A much better interior
As usual, the arrival of the new C-Class will allow you to discover an interior that is clearly progressing in terms of on-board technology and the style of the dashboard.

This is it! All-new 2021 Mercedes C-Class interior revealed with mega display

On the engine side, it is rumored that the top Mercedes-AMG sports version could abandon its twin-turbo V8 in favor of a four-cylinder turbo. Unless this 4-cylinder replaces only the 43 AMG version with its 6-cylinder?