All Mercedes-AMG models will also be available in a PHEV variant

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Mercedes-AMG is working on a strategy to offer a plug-in hybrid variant for every model in its portofolio, in the rush to meet the more stringent regulations. The first of the low-emission models will hit the market next year, Autocar reports.

The strategy is part of the premium company’s plan to promote electrification all across its range, with the performance models targeted as well. Mercedes is extending its EQ Boost mild hybrid, EQ Power PHEV and EQ full electric portofolio.

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The CLS 53, the E 53 and the GLE 53 4MATIC+, with the latter showing up in Geneva, have already received the mild-hybrid technology. The models are equipped with a 48-Volt electrical system, an electric auxiliary compressor, as well as with an EQ Boost starter generator, that provides extra 21 horsepower and 250 Newton meters of torque for limited periods of time.

“All the AMG vehicles will be available in the future with plug-in hybrids as an option”, Frank Overmeyer, head of External Affairs for Emissions, stated for Autocar, excluding the mild hybrid option, which would provide limited emissions savings.

The PHEV variants feature an electric range of 50 kilometers, according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles testing cycle. Daimler’s CEO Ola Kallenius is hoping to double the electric range once the next generation of the PHEV technology is out. The AMG models though, will compromise on range in the favor of performance, so they might only travel for 60 to 70 kilometers purely electric.