A very rare Mercedes AMG CLK GTR for sale at Pebble Beach on August 13-14

Mercedes AMG CLK GTR No.9 for sale
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Only 25 Mercedes AMG CLK GTR street versions were produced. One of them, the car with no. 9, is the subject of an auction that will take place at Pebble Beach on August 13-14, 2021 and the price could reach 10 million USD.

Mercedes built only 25 copies of the Mercedes AMG CLK GTR street version, of which 20 coupes and 5 roadsters from 1998 to 1999. Why only 25? Because the FIA ​​regulations required a production of at least 25 copies in order to participate in the FIA ​​GT World Championship.

The model with number 9 and body series WDB2973971Y000020 has been put up for sale. It was built in 1998 and has only 1442 km on board. Gooding & Company, the official auction house of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, is offering it for sale for an estimated price of $ 8.5 million to $ 10 million.

The paint is original and the interior is upholstered in Alcantara, leather and velor.

The Mercedes AMG CLK GTR is powered by a 6.9-liter aspirated V12 engine (M297) that delivers 612 HP and 731 Nm. A six-speed sequential gearbox send all the power to the rear axle and the ceramic brakes are standard.

The carbon fiber body is made by the specialist Lola and the kerbweight is only 1140 kg. CLK GTR sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 s and reaches a top speed of 320 km/h.

The CLK GTR street versions were built by HWA company, owned by Hans Werner Aufrecht (AMG’s co-founder) in Affalterbach. The street version has a more comfortable drive train than the racing one and inside you will be surprised by the simple steering wheel taken from the Mercedes models of the 90s.

At that time it was the most expensive production car in the world, the price being 3,074,000 DM, ie about 1.55 million euros. Taking into account inflation, today this price would be equivalent to 2.2 million euros.

The car had three owners. The first was Hermann-Dieter Eschmann, an entrepreneur in the steel industry. He sold the car in 2005 to a Hong Kong collector. In 2017, the car was bought by the Cheval Trust company from Seattle, which brought it to the USA to present it at various exhibitions. Since then he has only covered 3 km.