A scale model in the loving memory of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class goes out of production this May, but a scale model was made in the loving memory of the luxury pick-up truck that only stayed around for two years.

Those who planned to buy an X-Class, but never made it, can resort to a miniature X. YouTube channel Jakob Michel Modelllichtsysteme started out in Amalgam, the company that is renowned for building some of the world’s best scale model cars for a price that matches their reputation.

The skills achieved in Amalgam helped the Modelllichtsysteme team members be able to build their own models. This is how the X-Class scale model showed up for the fans of the model that not even Mercedes enjoyed that much.

The model with a two-tone body shows an impressive attention to detail. It comes with LED headlights and taillights, also turn indicators. The car is also fitted with a license plate.

The interior of the scale model is even more eye-catching. It has the exact same interior the real thing has, including instrument cluster, steering wheel, touchscreen, center console, air vents and climate control.

If nothing to relate to in terms of size in the area, the scale model might easily go as the life-sized Mercedes-Benz X-Class. No word on the price yet, but one thing is sure: it is nowhere near the price of the outgoing X-Class. The final one will be built this upcoming May.