A new unit-sales record every month for the past five years for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz sales in February
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Mercedes-Benz has just hit an amazing sales record. For the past five years, unit sales have only went upwards. The February sales figures only confirmed the trend. It was the 60th consecutive month in which Mercedes-Benz delivered more vehicles worldwide than in the prior-year month.

There were 163,580 lucky customers that received their new car with the star last month. Rivals BMW and Audi follow with 155,228, 130,950, respectively. The Stuttgart-based premium car maker was particularly successful in Switzerland, Australia, the United States, Canada and Brazil, where Mercedes-Benz kept its leading position in the ranking of the new premium cars registrations.

Thus in Europe, more vehicles were sold last month than any other February before. No less than 63,593 cars remained in Europe (+1.8%), with 21.543 models staying at home, in Germany. Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Poland set new records last month, just like they did in January.

Mercedes-Benz marked a 12.9% increase in the Asia-Pacific region last February, with a figure of 65,691 units sold there. 43,036 cars went to China (+18.6%).

Mercedes-Benz sent more vehicles than ever in a February month in the NAFTA region as well, reaching a figure of 29,934 units sold (+2.4%). In the United States, there were 24,760 customers receiving their brand-new Mercedes.

It was the E-Class Saloon and Estate leading the sales path, accounting for 25,781 cars (+9.1%). It was China that contributed the most to the figures. The S-Class surpassed the numbers registered in February 2017 by an impressive 28.8%, with a total of 6,010 customers ordering the exclusive sedan, most of them being originated in China or the United States.

59,807 went for the Mercedes-Benz SUVs, helping the company hit a 13.9% increase for the segment, with the GLC SUV leading the way. Also popular worldwide in February were the GLA, the GLC Coupe and the G-Class.

Up went the smart as well, with 8,360 customers purchasing the urban microcar, 17,589 being sold this year, most of them being ordered by German customers.

FebruaryChange in %Jan.-Feb. 2018Change in %
Mercedes-Benz cars171,940+5.4374,583+6.6
Mercedes-Benz unit sales in the region/market
-thereof in Germany21,543-2.843,450+8.1
-thereof in China43,036+18.6111,461+17.2
-thereof in the USA24,760+1.050,0670.0