A new era begins – The first trailer of the first-ever Mercedes-Benz pick-up

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It is the first ever premium pick-up and it has already been properly introduced by the Stuttgart grand brand in two design variants, both perfect combos between practicality and style. With the X-Class, Mercedes-Benz jumps, head first, in the segment of the mid-size pick-ups.

The X-Class Concept is a Mercedes-Benz to the bones, with its signature design and brand-typical interior. The Mercedes pick-up is the car nobody thought the 3-pointed star company would ever built. And yet, here it is. Built on the architecture of the new Nissan Navara and engineered by Daimler to meet the Mercedes customers’ demands, the X-Class is now promoted in the first trailer fully presenting the vehicle.

The thundering video sets the Mercedes-Benz pick-up in various environment, from the metropolitan area to the desert one, suggesting the vehicle’s versatility, putting it to the test in the roughest weather and terrain conditions and bringing it face to face with wild animals.