A Mercedes van for every need. TecForum conversions for Sprinter, Vito and Citan

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Whether your professional needs imply a van, a motorhome, a fire truck, an ambulance or even a crane, Mercedes has  a solution for every scenario with its line-up of TecForum commercial vehicles.

Mercedes has introduced the TecForum conversions of Sprinter, Vito, V-Class and Citan, which are handled either directly or through partners of Mercedes. Built mainly on the 3500 chassis of the Sprinter, these are now officially available for order and cover a portfolio of between four and seven meters in length and 1.8 to five tonnes payloads.

TecForum-Mercedes-vans (30)If there is an ideal multi-stage model for distribution, which describes the closeness between Mercedes and its partners responsible of the TecForum vans, this is the relationship with the Partner Solution. Closely linked with Mercedes they currently offer 13 different TecForum versions, in particular in the field of crafts, construction and delivery services, offering their solutions directly on the ground of Mercedes dealers.

To show how tight Mercedes’ relationship with its partners is, allow us to say only this. As early as the development phase of all-new commercial vehicles, the Germans already transmit crucial (and secret!) technical data to the bodybuilder, so that they can plan ahead their individual solutions. On top this, a highly configurable special module regulates the exchange between the base vehicle and body.

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Mercedes TecForum vans. Trucks we encounter constantly in our lives. Vans that aid, remove, cool or entertain and are inconspicuous everyday companions. Discover the vast array of Mercedes special vans on offer by browsing the equally impressive photo gallery bellow.

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  • Samuel James says:

    The sprinter van sprinter van is definitely the best on the market. I had never driven a large van before and I always thought it would not be a pleasant experience as compared to driving a car, mainly because of the drive and the size. But after driving the van I can honestly say it was a great experience! The drive was very smooth and quiet and I felt like the king of the roads! I had a great time driving this up & down England. I would definitely hire again, it is much better than the transit!