A Mercedes-Benz S600 Undergoes Detailing After Sitting for Six Years

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A Mercedes-Benz S600 finally undergoes detailing. The car has been sitting in a garage for six years and it is covered in spider web.

And it’s not just any S600. It’s the W140 from 1994 with a V12 under the hood. The owner tells it was his mother’s car starting 2004. He did not move it, he did not even try to start it.

When opening the door, a shocking smell makes its way out. Spider have built an entire web network in there and there are signs of mice activity.

They push the Garage Queen out into the sunlight to take a better look at it. They load it onto the tow truck and drive straight to the shop. In broad daylight, massive traces of a previous detailing show up on the hood. “Every crease and crest is filled with dirt,” the expert says. And he is right.

For the first wash in years, he removes the wheels. He uses a mini-brush for the super tight places under the hood and a substance that helps him get rid of the grease.

Rinsing, foaming and blowing off the water and remaining dirt brings him one step closer to his goal. Brushes, small and big, clean up the wheels.

He then pops the doors open and tries to annihilate all those insects on board. He uses disinfectant for just about any surface in there. A vacuum cleaner will do the job as well. After all these procedures, the Mercedes-Benz S600 smells way better.

Polish comes next and he starts with the hood that has, in some places, double amount of paint than it should. He also removed the Brabus sticker, since its presence made no sense on the boot lid. Boiling water helped with the removal of the glue.

The team eventually figured out what was going on with the fuel pumps, since the new fuel doesn’t seem to get all the way to the V12 engine. They ordered new filters and pump. But then the battery was dead.

In the end, the Mercedes-Benz S600 looks as if it has just driven through the factory gates. And the V12 works, too.