A Mercedes-Benz 280 SL gets its first wash in over 35 years

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What was the longest period of time you left your car unwashed? A month? A season? A year maybe, because you just could not find the time. Well, it could be worse. A Mercedes-Benz 280 SL gets its first wash in over 35 years.

37 years have actually passed since this Mercedes-Benz 280 SL has been locked away from the eyes of the curious. It has now got into the hands of Larry Kosilla and AMMO NYC. Experts in detailing, they have been restoring exteriors and interiors of classic cars that have been abandoned or neglected.

This particular SL has not set a wheel on the road since 1982, soon after the birth of his son. The then young father put the automobile in a small garage, where it remained until recently. To lay abandoned for 37 years was a treatment that the 1972 car, that had been driven every day for ten years, was not used to.

The experts from AMMO NYC wore protective equipment such as overalls and facial masks to pull it out of the small garage, where mold had almost buried it and rats have made a home.

A thorough wash, massive vacuuming inside, the removal of the oxidized paint and a polish procedure were pretty much enough to make the AMMO squad remember the heydays of the candy-red model.

The action was actually a surprise for the owner who could not believe his eyes when he arrived home. And the best is yet to come. His Mercedes-Benz 280 SL will be completely restored. The owner can then pass it on to his grandchildren, the future proud owners of a classic Benz in all its glory.

Even though posted on YouTube eight months ago and viewed by millions of people, the video has now become viral once again.