A Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Has Been Sitting in a Barn, Gets First Wash Since 1995

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A Mercedes-Benz 220 SE has been sitting in a barn for almost three decades. Now it is time for the premium coupe to see the light of day again.

The owner claims it is an Auto Show Car, possibly on display in Chicago or New York. It rolled off the assembly line in 1965 with a black paintjob and a black and red interior combo. The seats have been dislocated and moved into the trunk. That is also where the red floor mats and interior door panels are. So they need to be put back together like a puzzle.

The WD Detailing team though is willing to give a chance. They pull the car out of the barn. They inflate the wheels, and proceed with washing the wheels before taking the thick layer of dust from the body of the car. The move reveals several spots of rust on the door panels and roof. The metal has started to disintegrate beneath the paint.

The detergent and the rinsing make the paint that is left shine under the lightbulbs.

When completely cleaned, the dashboard looks like the work of art that it is, all in red leather and wood. The windows become transparent again after a thorough wash. The spots from the chrome details vanish thanks to a special polish procedure. The team does something similar to the paint to make it shine even more. Hours later, everything looks as good as new.

The owner can’t believe his eyes the moment the garage door opens. With not much effort from the team, the engine kicks back to life and they can’t believe their ears. The Mercedes-Benz 220 SE coupe drives out of the garage looking almost like it did on the day it drove through the factory gate. If it only wasn’t for the rust…