A diesel Mercedes-Benz starts for the first time in 16 years

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A diesel Mercedes-Benz starts for the first time in 16 years. It thus proves the reliability of such units of engines from the time passed.

The reliability of the diesel engines has long been talked about again and again. There is a reason for this. From time to time, stories about such units show up and become viral, confirming that they are invincible.

Diesel Mercedes-Benz looks bad, but acts right

Such an invincible unit starts for the very first time in 16 years. The video has been posted on the Flexinity YouTube channel. Little chance did it get to be heard roaring after such a long time. The rust has eaten the body, the paint has gone to pieces. There is moss growing out from beneath the headlights glass. And the interior of the model looks like a trash can.

This Mercedes-Benz W124 saw the light of day back in 1988. For 16 years, it never came out of its hiding place and furthermore, the owner never even tried to start the engine.

The car was moved in a better position and, when popping the hood, the YouTuber realized that the engine compartment looked absolutely stunning for a car of its age. Most components seemed to be in a very good condition, considering the circumstances.

Apparently, the car only needed a battery change and the elimination of an error that showed up in the dashboard following the swap. Additionally, it required the removal of a belt at the front of the engine and the propeller was set free. It started doing what it knew best: working.

Which is just as surprising as the fact that the engine was capable of starting is the fact that three of four tires never suffered a puncture all this time, holding air with no issues whatsoever.

The old “guy” needs some extra mending, since the soundtrack it churns out doesn’t exactly sound perfectly healthy. But it is a surprise that they actually managed to fire it up at all!