A day with the Mercedes EQA – Are electric cars for everyday use?

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Are electric cars for everyday use? A Daimler AG employee, who seems quite skeptical, will see if they are. To accomplish his mission, he will spend a day in the company of the Mercedes EQA.

Dennis Heyn is responsible for Sustainability and Change Communications. He has a very important mission. To see if electric cars are for everyday use. For this, he has an EQA 250 Edition variant with a 66.5 kWh battery capacity. First, he has to reach his first destination in one hour and 15 minutes. Clock is ticking already. He gets the car, the key, a smartphone with the Mercedes me app and the Mercedes me charge card. If he has questions, MBUX will help him out.

The day with the Mercedes EQA starts with charging

He must start his day with a charge stop, as the range left is of only 48 kilometers. The MBUX calculates the route considering that the battery needs energy. Once Dennis and his EQA reached a IONITY charging station, the system recommends charging for 13 minutes, up to 37% in order to reach the destination on time.

He could have as well started the charging procedure via the Mercedes me app, by scanning a QR code at the charging station.

He unplugs the car and off he goes. 50 minutes to his destination. He reaches on time for his appointment. Two hours later he walks out of the Mercedes-Benz headquarters, after visiting the cell lab.

For those who have decided to switch to electric cars, the next step is to install a wallbox at home. “The vehicles should always be charged where they are parked the longest”, says Markus Bauknecht. That is either at home, during the night, either at home.

The conclusion of a one-day adventure onboard the Mercedes EQA is that charging and paying are very fast and convenient with the Mercedes me app. Meanwhile the MBUX calculates routes considering the charging necessities.