A bus for beauties – The girls competing in Miss France travel by Setra

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Some of the most beautiful women in the world travel by a Setra Bus. To transport them across the country, the S 516 HDH, a touring bus from the Setra TopClass series is used.

The girls enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of the means of transportation equipped with a panoramic glazed roof and fitted with its own lounge area, for the young women to spend time together and talk fashion.

The bus has also received the latest safety and assistance systems, similar to those of the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, to keep safe the girls with ages ranging from 18 to 24 years old.

Setra Miss 2

The one that was reigned Miss France 2019 was 24-year old Vaimalama Chaves from Tahiti and she will represent the country at this year’s Miss World.