A BMW 5-Series gets it and no, we’re not glad at all

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Just because this is a Mercedes-Benz blog it does not mean we hate every other car brand – quite the contrary. We’re not desperate fanboys and we definitely love cars as a whole above any petty brand rivalry.

So if you’re imagining that the video you’re about to see is giving us some sort of perverted pleasure, you’re wrong. In it, a Jeep Compass and a BMW 5-Series get pushed aside by what has got to be the most eager to get to work excavator driver I have ever seen.

The background of the whole situation is not clear, but I’m willing to bet the excavator had to get to the other side of the road/pavement and those cars were in the way, probably illegally parked. Calling for a towing truck or the Police is for sissies, especially when you have a heavy construction equipment perfectly capable of making its own way through said cars.

Every car lover should look away as this is the equivalent of watching puppies getting kicked. First to feel the wrath of the excavator is the Jeep, which gets nonchalantly pushed back by the long and (I’d suspect) heavy arm of the machine.

It then turns its attention towards the BMW which isn’t as lucky as the Jeep and does not receive the backhand treatment the SUV got, but instead feels the teeth of the excavator’s cup firsthand. It is then pushed against a neighboring fence where it’s left to lick its wounds until its unaware owner gets back and starts pulling his hairs out one by one.

The moral of our story is simple: don’t be an asshole and always park legally. Apparently, especially when you’re in China.