8G-Tronic on the way – Mercedes patents new transmission name

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Mercedes-Benz has filed a patent for the “8G-Tronic” designation, on August 10th in the United States, but the name has already been registered in Germany since February 2017. The transmission is to be introduced in the car makers range where the 9G-Tronic is not needed and the 7G-Tronic is not enough.

The 9G-Tronic is the pinnacle of the Mercedes technology and it comes standard with various models and equipment lines. But the premium car manufacturer seems to believe some cars need less than the top of technology and, at the same time save money during production.

Trademarked in preparation for the arrival of the new compact models, the 8-speed automatic transmission might find its place in the new GLA. It is yet unsure whether Mercedes is planning to use it right away or just protect the designation for future technological developments. It is certain though that the 7G hasn’t spoken its last words yet and is to stick around.

Anyhow, the 8G-Tronic is set to fill the gap between the 7 and the 9G-Tronic. Rivals BMW and Audi offer customers an 8-speed transmission, so Mercedes is joining the elite club.