75 Years of Protection for Passengers from Mercedes-Benz

Innovation as a tradition
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Béla Barényi joined Daimler-Benz AG 75 years ago and exactly then a new chapter in the history of vehicle safety began for Mercedes-Benz.

During his job interview, the young engineer Béla Barényi was asked what aspects of the current Mercedes-Benz range he would improve. His response was “Pretty well everything” and so it began a whole new chapter in the history of vehicle safety and the protection for passengers. Ever since then has had a powerful influence on the safety development. One thing is obvious, many of the company’s innovations, mainly in what concerns the protection of vehicle occupants and road users that have saved countless of lives.

                           “Always ahead of his time”

Thus, in order to mark the 75th anniversary Mercedes-Benz has invited all the past and present members of the safety development team to the “Legendenhalle” (Hall of Legends) in Böblingen.

Start der Pkw-Sicherheitsentwicklung durch Béla Barényi

Béla Barényi, a visionary engineer (1907-1997) worked for Daimler from 1939 to 1974. From 1939 he dedicated his life to improving passenger car bodies at Mercedes-Benz. He initiated more than 2500 registered patents, many of them concerned with the principles of automotive safety.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is well known as a pioneer of automotive safety. As a car manufacturer it continues to carry out such intensive research in the safety field, bringing so many vital innovations in the market. Ever since the invention of the motor car in 1886 Mercedes-Benz, together with its forbear brands, has developed the active and passive safety, setting one new benchmark after another in the process.

For example, in 2014 Mercedes-Benz introduced the QR code sticker, that enables full access to a vehicle-specific rescue card for the emergency services.