700 HP Super-SUV. Brabus Mercedes GLE 63 S Coupe in Dubai

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700 HP Super-SUV has taken by storm the Dubai International Motor Show. Brabus Mercedes GLE 63 S Coupe weights almost two and a half-ton and sprints to 300 km / h.

After the renovation of the brand new GLE 63 S Coupe by the tuner from Bottrop the now Brabus 700 Coupe baptized SUV develops over 700 hp at 5300-5800 / min. The maximum torque increased to 960 Nm, available between 2000-4500 rpm.


Such performance improvements required extensive modifications. These include the two Brabus tuned turbochargers with larger compressor units that build more boost pressure than the series 5.5-liter eight-cylinder engine. As a result, the GLE Coupe now gets in four seconds to 100 and runs out of puff only at 300 km / h.

The standard exhaust system was replaced by a Brabus system with 75 millimeter thick pipes. The Airmatic air suspension was lowered by 35 millimeters but uses the same 7G-Tronic Speedshift Plus gearbox as the series model. Aerodynamics play an pivotal role for Brabus who has developed no less than 63 unique body components made of carbon – including the new front spoiler lip, the roof spoiler, the rear diffuser or the aperture for the side air intakes.


The Brabus 700 Coupe comes with alloy wheels in 21, 22 or even 23 inches (!) – the most exclusive option, the monoblock Y-forged wheels in 11×23 inch. Inside the model presented at the Dubai Motor Show polarized opinions and hypnotized the wealty audience thanks to its electric blue leather upholstery.