6 countries in 7 days with the Mercedes-Benz CLA

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Six countries in just one week. A journey to collect memorable stories. The adventurers ride onboard the Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe and CLA Shooting Brake, chasing the next perfect shot, the next orange sunset, the next expressive face for a portrait.

World famous sightseeing spots, but also hidden gems mesmerized the travelers. It was the city of Amsterdam in Netherlands opening new horizons. It was the Tuscan country roads that gave them a new sense of la dolce vita. The wilderness of the Swiss mountains captivated them, just as the city of Paris in France made them linger for an extra croissant in a café on Champs Elysees. Germany’s Berlin opened its gate to them, while the Belgian chocolateries in Bruxelles enchanted them with the taste of truffles.

The summer of 2016 brought new perspectives for those who got behind the wheel of two CLAs: the 4-door coupe and the Shooting Brake for the #Urban Discovery program. They drove 2500 kilometers through six countries in just one week, constantly spotting perfect landscapes as journey souveniers.

The video recaps their trip across the continent. The image have been captured with two high-performance cameras in the very skilled hands of the German pro photographers Basti Hansen and Andre Josselin.