510 HP for the New AMG 4-litre V8 Biturbo Engine

The new AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine
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The new AMG V8 4.0 litre biturbo will start in the new AMG GT, on September 9.

Mercedes prepares a new sports car, which is not exactly the successor of the SLS AMG, because it is a bit smaller, has less power, will cost by approximately 50,000 euros less and will not have gullwing doors. On the occasion of introducing the new AMG GT, Mercedes will present a new modern 4 litre V8 biturbo engine, that will replace, among others, the well-known 6,2 litre natural aspirated, which reaches its top form in the SLS AMG (571 HP) or in the SLS AMG Black Series (631 HP), by the code name M 159.

The new biturbo 4 litre V8 (code name M178) develops exactly 510 HP, just like the first version of  6,2 litre V8 aspirated (M 156 code name), but at lower revs (6250 rpm) and an impressive torque of 650 Nm, available on a large range all the way from 1750 to 4750 rpm. With 128 HP/litre and an official consumption of less than 10 litre/100 km (the start/stop function is standard), the new AMG V8 bi-turbo engine combines the tradition of the powerful V8 AMG engines with an exceptional efficiency. With the third generation direct petrol injection and piezo injectors, the new V8 AMG meets the Euro 6 emissions standard.
The main characteristic of the new engine is the fact that the two turbochargers are not mounted on the outside of the cylinder banks, but on the inside, which gives the advantages of a compact engine design, an optimum response and low exhaust gas emissions.
The dry sump lubrication system allows the engine to be installed 55 mm lower and this position lowers the centre of gravity, an ideal situation for a sports car with extremely high lateral dynamics.
With 209 kg, the new engine is the lightest in its class and it belongs to the same family as the 2 litre turbo installed in the A45 AMG, the CLA 45 AMG and the GLA 45 AMG. This means that the bore and stroke are exactly the same like in case of the 4 cylinder AMG engine.
The engine uses the most modern technologies available. The cylinder bore surfaces use Nanoslide technology, which makes them twice as hard as the conventional cast-iron linings (the same solution is used in the new F1 V6 turbo engine), the pistons are made from forged aluminium and the cylinder heads are made from zirconium alloy.

Technical data new AMG 4-litre V8 bi-turbo

New AMG 4-litre engine
ConfigurationV8, bi-turbo
Cylinder angle (grade)90
Valves per cylinder4
Displacement (cc)3982
Bore x stroke (mm)83 x 92
Compression ratio10,5:1
Max. power/revs (HP/rpm)510/6250
Max. torque/revs (Nm/rpm)650/1750-4750
Weight (kg)209
EU normEU 6

The pleasure is not excluded and a sports exhaust system with fully variable exhaust flaps will offer the experience of the AMG typical sound.  As every AMG engine, the new V8 is also made on the “one man, one engine” principle.

The new engine will start in the new AMG-GT and will follow in the next C 63 AMG. In the future, this engine will gradually replace the current 5,5 litre V8 biturbo (M 157 code name) too, which can be found in the majority of the AMG models from the E, the G, the GL M to the S, the SL and the S Coupe  and power evolutions will be available in the form of performance versions.

Before you get to see new engine under the bonnet of the AMG GT, you can get an idea of how it functions, in the following video.