3rd IAM Conference SEE 2016: The long-awaited foundation of the Independent Aftermarket Association for SEE

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The 3rd Independent Aftermarket Conference for South East Europe was held on October 20 in Bucharest, Romania. It was organized by SEE (Athens, Nicosia, Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Tirana, Pristina, Skopje, Podgorica and Chisinau), as the IAM’s interest group, under the patronage of FIGIEFA. The aim of the conference was to unite IAM representatives from the industrial

The mission was accomplished easily and successfully – The Independent Aftermarket Association for SEE had finally been founded as the first of its kind! Around 250 participants joined the FIGIEFA team at the Conference, where speakers from the whole Europe gathered to discuss about the trends and challenges relevant for the IAM.

Mr. Alexander Brenner and Mr. Philipp Jaenicke from the company “Roland Berger GmbH” explained current trends and future business models for Parts Wholesalers. Dr. Jens Rothenstein from the Retail Research and Analysis Center shared his perspective of the online business B2B.

„The core statement is the end of pure play. If they want to be successful in the future, dealers and manufacturers will have to perfectly intertwine their channels and to use such cross-channel services in order to provide additional value for their customers.“ – said Rothenstein.

Mr. Austin Brent, representative of Amazon, explained the connection between Manufacturers and Consumers and the importance of a strong mutual relationship of the two. Mr. Hartmut Roehl, FIGIEFA President and Moderator of this Conference, called attention to the following two campaigns – Right to Repair and Right to Connect.

As Mr. Roehl pointed out, the 3rd IAM SEE Conference in Bucharest fully reached its target. Not only did excellent speakers develop visions of future market developments, but they also gave practical advice to IAM players on how to successfully cope with future challenges. Mr. Alfred Franke from SDCM presented the previously established IAM Association and the way it operated on the Polish market.

The Conference definitely created the sense of a common interest beyond competition amongst the participants, which was proven by a letter of intent to create an Independent Aftermarket Association for South East Europe, signed by 10 most significant distributors as founding members. The day preceding this Event was of historical relevance for this region since on that day the wholesalers took the first step in establishing healthy regional business atmosphere and in providing and securing better IAM future.