Mercedes E-Class gains a Maybach version and we have the video to prove it

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Mercedes is determined to bring the exquisite craftsmanship and amenities exclusive to its S-Class based Maybach limo sibling one class below. Hence, the Mercedes E-Class Maybach, caught again on tape, testing before its official debut.

The extensive camouflage cannot hide the familiar styling cues shared with the upcoming E-Class sedan already available to order. Following the lead of the S-Class Maybach, the E-Class derived uber-limo gets an extended wheelbase and an extra side window cut into the rear pillar.

This is not the first time Mercedes has offered an extended wheelbase E-Class, as the current generation has also enjoyed a long variant dedicated to the Chinese market. The styling difference were minimal though. This time around, the future Mercedes-Maybach E-Class will further distance itself from the lesser sibling down the range thanks to an extensive list of unique gadgets and comfort features, Executive seats with massage function and integrated footrests included.

The strategy does makes sense since the S-Class based first offspring of Mercedes’ Maybach sub-brand has become some kind of a silent hit, its sales figures exceeding even the most optimistic official predictions. It all comes down to the affordable pricing scheme adopted by the reinvented super-luxury arm, the premium paid for a Maybach branded S-Class amounting to roughly $23,000, this despite the extra kit the exclusive limo is blessed with.

In E-Class’ case plenty of pricing room remains between itself and the larger S-Class to make slotting a Maybach branded trim in a plausible prospect. With the top non-AMG E-Class starting at $62,350 and the base S-Class setting you back a cool $94,400, there’s still enough breathing room even if we take into consideration the $23,000 premium it takes to turn the S-Class into a Maybach.

Video: Walko