3 Things To Consider When Buying A Classic Mercedes

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Any lover of Mercedes Benz will admit to dreaming of buying a classic. To the layperson, a classic car may seem a bit strange. After all, with the way technology and mechanics have advanced, even cheap new cars necessarily perform far better than classics. You wouldn’t buy a classic box TV to replace your UHD set.

However, the reality is that there are some old Mercs that were true feats of construction, blending beauty and mechanical excellence in a totally unique way. Take the 500E, for example. With the assistance of Porsche, Mercedes Benz created a vehicle that has sleek class as well as incredible power.

If you have the money to spend on a classic Mercedes Benz, you may be tempted to do so without much further thought. But there are unique challenges you need to be aware of as a buyer of a classic car.

Before you spend on that classic Mercedes, consider the following 3 things.

1. Specialized Repairs

When your classic Mercedes breaks down, where are you going to take it? You may have full trust in your local mechanic for your regular car, but they may have no experience working with classic cars. Even if there is a Mercedes Benz-certified car shop nearby, you need to check that they will be able to work on your car.

This becomes especially pertinent if you choose to move elsewhere. You will want to take your classic car with you, but won’t want it to get stuck in a place with no experts within driving distance. You may plan on doing basic maintenance yourself, but remember that accidents happen, and that you won’t be able to do everything.

2. Classic Car Insurance

When you own a classic Mercedes Benz, you will need to get classic car insurance. Classic car insurance is different from regular car insurance in a number of ways. This is understandable, considering the fact that classic cars appreciate in value rather than depreciating like all other cars. Furthermore, you cannot necessarily replace a classic car if it is damaged beyond repair.

For classic car insurance, you settle on an agreed value with the insurance company. While this value is significantly more than the price of most traditional cars, the price of your insurance will probably be cheaper. This is due to the low risk insurance companies designate to classic car drivers, who are unlikely to be reckless with their vehicles (or even to drive them on a regular basis).

However, classic car insurance is not always a simple matter. If you have a poor driving record over the past few years, insurers may not be willing to insure your vehicle. They may also refuse to do so if you don’t have another vehicle that you use for your day-to-day needs.

3. Keeping It Safe

Keeping your classic car safe is also an entirely different story to keeping a traditional car safe. Classic cars are coveted, and you will need a secure garage where you can store your car overnight and during most days. In certain cases, your insurance company may even require this garage to be temperature-controlled to prevent any damage caused by the weather.

While classic cars will sell at a far higher price than traditional cars and are therefore attractive to thieves, they are also more difficult to hide. If someone steals your classic Mercedes, they will be unable to drive discreetly, even if they take off your licence plates. People will notice them even if they are not looking out for a stolen car.

Your insurance company will require a high level of security for your garage, but you don’t need to worry too much about it being stolen by a common crook. That said, because classic cars don’t have the same level of security features as regular cars, you do need to take care.

Getting a classic Mercedes Benz may be a dream come true, but don’t forget that classic cars come with their own quirks. Consider the above 3 things before putting down a payment on the classic car you’ve always wanted