2024 Mercedes G-Class Facelift: 6 Inline Engine Instead of the V8

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Mercedes is preparing a facelift for the Mercedes G-Class in which the most important change will be to drop the V8 engine in favor of a more powerful 6-cylinder inline.

Photo: YouTube captured Car News

Launched in 2018 at the Detroit auto show, the current generation Mercedes G-Class W463 is five years old and is time for a facelift. Currently, the Mercedes G-Class is offered with three powertrains: the G 400 d, G 500, and the AMG G 63, the latter two with V8 engines.

But even though Mercedes has an impressive electric range and no fleet emissions problems, especially in Europe, the increasing registration taxes imposed in some countries on cars with high weight and high CO2 emissions has prompted Mercedes to make a significant change.

With the occasion of the facelift, the 422 ps (416 HP) 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine from the Mercedes G 500 will disappear from the range and will be replaced by a 435 hp (429 HP) 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine with a 48V mild hybrid system and integrated 20 hp starter generator. The mild hybrid system will avoid taxes. The Mercedes G 500 name will be retained, and probably no one will regret the disappearance of the V8, as the inline 6-cylinder engine is lighter and offers 13 hp more but 50 Nm less.

From the end of 2024, the Mercedes G-Class will also be available in the electric EQG version presented as a concept at the Munich Mobility Show in autumn 2021. The EQG will be the world’s first model with an optional solid-state battery.

German auto motor und sport magazine reports that Mercedes will also be revolutionizing the interior. While Mercedes kept the old layout for the GLE facelift, the Mercedes G-Class facelift will get the S-Class’s portrait tablet dashboard and new digital instrument cluster. In doing so, Mercedes wants to highlight that the G-Class is part of the Top-End Luxury range alongside the S-Class, GLS, EQS, EQS SUV, and all Maybach and AMG models.

As expected, design-wise, there will be no significant changes as the G-Class body cannot be substantially altered because the G-Class is an icon. So, the body shape will keep the sharp edges and boxy silhouette.

Still, the front end with radiator grille and bumper will be revised and the bonnet will be more streamlined, but the headlights will maintain the round shape, which can be seen very clearly on the camouflaged car.

Also, the tailgate and taillights are slightly restyled, and the reversing camera will be just above the number plate.