2021 S-Class caught in Mercedes-Maybach guise on the Ring

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The 2021 S-Class has been caught again testing on the Nürburgring track, this time in Mercedes-Maybach clothing and our colleagues from Carscoops.com have the spy photos to prove it.

Mercedes-Benz is pushing a completely new generation of the S-Class forward this year, a top limousine that gets an extra luxurious version in the form of a Maybach variant. It is that cream of the crop of the S-Class range that has now been seen photographed.

If we forget the Pullman variant of the current generation S-Class, the Mercedes-Maybach variant of the luxury sedan is considered the absolute top of the S-Class range. That extra luxurious 2021 S-Class Mercedes-Maybach was first discovered during the making of its test run on the more than twenty kilometers long Nürburgring.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class was caught not only cruising along on the track, but also aggressively attacking the well-known ‘Karussell’, one of the two main curves that the Nürburgring has.

The superlative of the 2021 S-Class – as is also currently the case – is clearly a lot longer than a regular S-Class. The current Mercedes-Maybach version with its length of 5.45 meters is about twenty centimeters longer than the current extended S-Class and the new generation 2021 S-Class seems to grow a bit more.

The car therefore does not differ in concept from the current Maybach, which is also regarded as the ultimate chaffeur limo with its ultra-long wheelbase.

This new set of espionage photos also shows the sunken door handles clearly for the first time. The front and rear do not differ significantly from those of the regular new S-Class, except the typical Mercedes-Maybach grille with vertical bars. Just as the current S-Class from 2013 was a blueprint for the smaller Mercedes sedans, the new one undoubtedly serves as an example again for the future of Mercedes-Benz styling.

The rear light units are oriented horizontally, while the headlights also get a new shape inspired by the latest CLS. The new S-Class will also have an electric counterpart with its own, somewhat flatter and sportier body: the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Most likely, the Mercedes-Maybach variant will not get a zero-emissions spin-off too.

The new 2021 S-Class will be presented this year. Mercedes-Benz may unveil the Mercedes-Maybach version later next year.