2021 Mercedes S-Class Guard spied for the first time

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The new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is getting ready for its debut later this year. Broadly speaking, it is already clear that in terms of appearance it is mainly a solid evolution of the current one, but now an extra special test car has been spied for the first time.

For more than a year, camouflaged 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class prototypes have regularly been spied. Even as Mercedes-Maybach, the top limousine has already appeared in front of the camera a few times.

It is now clear that the 2021 Mercedes S-Class mainly gets a sharper nose, with slimmer headlights. At the rear, the S-Class looks a bit more streamlined than the current model, but the biggest external changes are the hidden door handles. However, if you study the car in more detail in these new photos, you will see that there is more going on. This is the S-Class Guard, the armored version of the 2021 S-Class, is destined for presidents of this world.

The Guard initially betrays its identity by its length that it is not similar to that of the standard S-Class, but there is more to it. Looking at the windows, the thick black border around them stands out. The Guard has glass of about ten centimeters thick, which no bullet should be able to pass through. Furthermore, the armor of the car is not so easy to see, but undoubtedly the modified suspension system has to work hard to keep the hundreds of extra kilos neatly above the wheels.

The S-Guard is built in Sindelfingen by a specialized team of 150 people, who can finish several hundred copies per year. In addition to the S-Class, special Guard versions of the GLS and G-Class are also made here.