2020 Mercedes S-Class: Is this the interior of the all-new luxury flagship?

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For some time we have been regularly posting spy photos of camouflaged 2020 Mercedes S-Class prototypes. The successor to Mercedes’ top sedan comes in late 2020 and today we can take a sneak peek at its interior.

This breakthrough comes from Mercedes enthusiasts from Mercedes-Fans.de. For the record, the picture seems to be a digital reproduction made by Auto Bild or Auto motor und sport German magazines. So, whether or not the scanned picture really depicts the interior of the new S-Class is therefore still not confirmed, but the signs are favorable. Camouflaged images of the interior, which we showed you before, reveal a dashboard with a similar design.

That dashboard differs considerably from what Mercedes-Benz is currently mounting in its models. The classic design with voluptuous shapes, round ventilation grilles and a wide, horizontally oriented screen must give way to a much more futuristic design. The entire center console is thereby livened up by a truly gigantic touchscreen.

FIRST EVER INTERIOR PICS: All-new 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class flagship spied

That screen leans back firmly and, just like with the Tesla Model S, is placed vertically. The set of instruments is of course still digital. It consists of a screen that is apparently screwed onto the dashboard as a separate element. Other striking things are the four small rectangular ventilation grilles, which are arranged in one cluster at the top of the cockpit.

Also the key that is inserted into the ignition lock, is not to be missed. It is strange to see such an old-fashioned ignition switch in a high-tech S-Class luxury flagship and therefore one of the reasons to doubt this photo. There is nevertheless an explanation for this, because in Mercedes cars there is usually a traditional ignition switch behind the start button. It may be that this backup is used in the photographed car, which may be a pre-series copy.

If Mercedes does indeed revolutionize the S-Class interior rigorously, chances are that this is a blueprint for the Mercedes interiors that will follow after 2020. The current S-Class also provided the design technical basis for the current C-Class, E-Class and many other models from Stuttgart.